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Perez's work has also gathered a sizeable international following in the past several years

Atone in England, all of the pieces sold out in 10 minutes. Part of what makes Perez's images so desirable is the passion and personality behind them. "The canvas is Fabian's way of writing the poetry of his life," Bane says. As a figurative artist, Perez favours acrylics, which he utilises to dramatic effect and which are responsible for producing bold, symbolic imagery. Explaining that he harnesses his emotions to enable him to paint how he wants to, Perez goes as far as to compare his pieces as being akin to emotional roadmaps; that’s to say artistic guides that take the viewer in whichever direction that they seek to travel at any given time. With this in mind though, Perez won’t be drawn on his style, and doesn’t believe in stereotyping his work, believing that labels limit creativity and evolution. Strong romantic feelings are the underpinnings of Perez’s art, and his passionate conveying of, fabian perez Pasion Flamenca

Pasion Flamenca

while he cites Muga (the martial art discipline of literally, emptying the mind’) as key to his inner calm which is reflected in his works of art, and which allows for the transcendency of purity through a meditative state according to Perez. This piece by artist Fabian Perez captures the dancers movements and shows the beauty of power and passion emitted from dancers. Enjoy the beauty of this painting by hand-painted in every room or workspace. Flamenco Passion', fabian perez biggest ever production was a huge success

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